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DSI Commercial

The DSI commercial was made while I worked at Dansk System Industri A/S. We (Jesper Eising, Allan Kjær and I) recorded the video sequences using standard VHS equipment and did the editing in Adobe Premier running on Windows.

The sequences were all recorded at DSI's headquarter in Kokkedal, north of Copenhagen except for the car scenes, which were recorded at Thomas’ home at on various roads and high ways. Since this was around the same time I got my pilots license, we considered filming the car from the air as well, but ran out of time.

The commercial was filmed right before the annual tech exhibition in Bella Centered in Copenhagen. We finished editing the commercial in the early morning just a few hours before the exhibition was about to open.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about this commercial is that it was completely edited on a PC. At the time we created this commercial, everybody else was still using analog video editing equipment.

The video can be downloaded here: dsi.mpg. Right-click on the link and select "save target as.." and save it to your harddrive before viewing it (playing it locally will result in better playback quality)


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